POMOLAS Ranch Equestrian Club

Remember When?

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It was you and your horse, those special moments the two of you shared?

Then!  Life moved on, College, Career, Spouse, Kids became the new priority.

What if there were a way to reconnect your equestrian love that was both affordable and convenient?  Pomolas Equestrian Club could be the answer.  We offer an alternative to owning or leasing a horse and the committment and expense which comes along with it.  

Pomolas Equestrian Club is a membership club specifically oriented to provide not only many of the joys of owning a horse but also a social experience oriented with those who share this common passion.

What does a membership offer?

  • Your choice of many ranch horse to ride and love.
  • Tack supplied – English & Western
  • Unlimited access to the Ranch and Barn – Spend time in the tranquility of our 13 acres, interacting with the horses and more even if your not riding.
  • Monthly club hosted events – Wine tasting parties, Cook outs, Horsing around stuff
  • Discounted private lessons
  • Trail riding without guide
  • Arena riding – hunter/jumper set up
  • Arena riding – Western – Barrel set up
  • Night riding under the lighted arena 

What are the membership dues?

There are four Membership levels.  Cost is determined by the number of monthly “Riding Sessions”  desired.

  • Silver- 1 rding sessions per month – $ 49.00 – additional sessions $40.00
  • Gold – 2 riding sessions per month $ 74.00 – additional sessions $35.00
  • Platinum – 4 riding sessions per month $ 124.00 – additional sessions $20.00

Membership terms

Minimum membership term is for three months and dues are billed monthly via credit card or EFT/ACH debit. There are discouonts available for six and twelve month terms.  Should you chose not to renew you may rejoin again subject to availability of course. 

What are Riding Sessions?

This is your reserved time slot to spend with your horse of choice.  Grooming, tacking up and riding.  Riding Sessions are reserved on line and there are four time slots to chose from.  You may arrive anytime during your reserved time.  We ask that you end riding one hour prior to the end of your time slot to have time to untack, groom and let the horse rest in the event they are booked in the next session.  This request is not applicable to the last session of the day.

Riding Sessions are available seven days a week, 365 days per year.  Session times are:

  1. 8:am to 12:00pm
  2. 12:00pm to 3:00pm
  3. 3:00pm to 6:00pm
  4. 6:00pm to 10:pm

 How do i join?

Memberships are limited, you must be at least age 18 to ride without adult supervision,  and your application must be approved.  There is a $60.00 one time application fee.  Should your application be rejected or conditioned on additional training, this fee will be refunded to you.

What is the approval process?

To be approved you will be scheduled to meet with a member of our staff for an hour.  During that time we will assess your skill and knowledge around the horses?  Are you comfortable? Able to tack independently? Riding skill?

What if I am not approved?

In the event we feel you are not qualified for membership we will discuss with you what skills we want to work on and what that might cost.  Typically this is one or two lessons or some refresher time to jog the memory.  We want your membership, and we want you safe too!  If it’s not to be, we wil refund the application fee.

 May I invite a guest?

YES! You may bring along up three guests during your Riding Session.  However, guests would not be able to ride.  If you bring a child under the age of 10, you will need to bring an adult guest for supervision.  We require this for their safety.

Earn free months with our guest referral program!

Any person you refer for membership who joins wil earn you a free month at your membership level.

For more information and to obtain an application please call 980-722-6877 or email us at guestservices@pomolas.com


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