Horses for lease

Horses for lease.

Leasing a horse is a wonderful alternative to ownership.  With leasing you do not have what could be a large investment and typically the overall monthly expenses can be less with leasing.

Generally leasing a horse means it is yours to love, ride and enjoy just as you would if you owned the horse.  At Pomolas our leasing program is simple and cost effective.  We do what is called a Half Lease.  In this plan you have priority for access to the horse to enjoy, however, when you are not enjoying him/her we can still use them for riding, lessons etc.

Half Lease rates vary from $175.00 to $225.00 per month all inclusive depending on the horse..  That is your only required expense, Pomolas pays all other expenses like ferrier, feed, hay, vet etc.

We use all our lease horses for lessons, trails, and general riding; kids of all ages.  They are all extremely well behaved without any”stupid bones”.

For more information of our leasing programs please call or email.

Blue  Maybe one of the most loved boys in the barn.  Bred and professionally trained for western pleasure he has deep championship blood lines.  His personality could be likened to EYORE from winnie the poo.  Just really laid back with a super smooth cantor/lope.  He is typically ridden western however he does hunter/jumper as well.  Great trail horse as well.

Charm  She lives up to her name.  Primarily ridden english she loves to cantor, jump and perform.  She does well in hunter/jumper shows and loves an easy trail ride too.

Magic  Bred and professionally trained western pleasure.  Blue is one of her three offspring.  Loved by  many she is primarily western ridden. Great on trails and a quick turner on the barrels.

ACE – Newest addition – more advanced rider

ELF  –  Owner may lease – call for information


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